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Arachnotron - Champlain College Senior Production

Solo 3rd Person Shooter | (Unity 2018, C#) | Team Size: 13 | 2018 - 2019

Arachnotron is a 3rd person shooter where the player takes control of a robot spider tank to fight against enemy robot bugs from the enemy faction S.W.A.R.M. In this game, the player has the capability to walk on any surface of the environment allowing new dimensions of gameplay to occur that is not traditional within the shooter genere.

Most of my work consisted of AI implementation of the small enemies and the final boss, and backend systems which includes AI systems which allowed the enemies to deal with the complete three-dimensional movement of the player. Other work that I did included the inverse kinematics of the spider legs on the tank itself, which was used to make the spider feel a lot more realistic to the player while also reducing tremendous amount of work off of our artist.

Click the image for the game’s full trailer! Tile Fall Screencap

Download Here

RV Punch

Action Racing-Game | (Unity 2017, C#) | Team Size: 8 | 2018

Multiple Award Winner

Players punch their opponents out of their way in this up to four player racing game, where they race as different model RVs equppied with giant mechanical fists. These fists act as the game’s main mechanic which can be used to punch other racers off the track or stun them, and even “jump” off the walls by punching them.

For this project, I primarily worked on backend systems for the races and the main menu UI.

Project made within Champlain College’s Production 2 course.

Click the gif for the game’s full trailer!

RV Punch Gif

Download Here

Opportunity Knocks - Global Game Jam 2018

Adventure | (Unity 2017, C#) | Team Size: 4 | 2018

This game’s main mechanic inspired by the jam’s theme of “transmission” has the player control the mars rover as it moves across the surface of the planet. Because of the weak connection between the player and the rover, the signal that you transmit to it is laggy. By making lag a central game mechanic, the player must be careful not to drive the rover down a cliffside and make it to the end of each level. The player may choose to “boost” the signal to reduce the lag, at the cost of using up more energy.

Click the gif for the game’s demo!

Download Here

Tile-Fall - (Unity 5, C#)

PvP Strategy Game | (Unity 2017, C#) | Team Size: 4 | 2017

Tile-Fall can best be described as “Battleship, but you see the other player.” Each player inputs their movement decisions at the same time and then guesses which spot the player moved to. After all these decisions are made, the game resolves and the players move to their chosen spots and fire upon the spot that they chose. If a player is hit, the player that predicted the position wins, otherwise the tile hit is destroyed and the player on that side cannot move onto it.

Tile Fall Screencap

Download Here

Zelda Dungeon Recreation - (C++)

Dungeon Crawler | C++ | Team Size: 2 | 2017

A recreation of the first dungeon of Zelda using only C++ and Allegro for the final project of Champlain College’s Game Architecture course. Working alongside Matthew Roy, we implemented multiple different gaming patterns including a component system and a defined game loop.

Zelda Gif